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♪ Good morning, sunshine... ♫
schnee wrote in broniesaremagic


Image: grayma1k @ DA

Given her status as princess of the night, one does have to wonder how Luna actually feels during the day with all its light — or how she would if she didn't sleep through it, which I personally consider more likely.

Same for Celestia and the night, of course.

The night sky is Princess Luna's canvas. The daytime sky, bleached and bludgeoned by the light of the sun, is a ruined canvas and only good as a backdrop for clouds.

Break out the glow-sticks and the hard cider: tomorrow is the longest night of the year and thus an appropriate holiday for Princess Luna! What shall we call it?

Break out the glow-sticks and the hard cider:

You mean the applejack? ;)

Good question, though. I've actually heard it being called "Nyxmas" by bronies, e.g. in this utterly adorable picture (in my queue for in a few days!), but technically Nyx is separate from Night Mare Moon and Luna, not to mention that she's not a canon character anyway.

So I'm not sure.

Very cute, you must post!

Nyxmas, Hearth's Warming, (Longest Night Sky Watch)... so many holidays. The longest night has a date, but not Hearth's Warming, and like you said, Nyx is not canon.

Very cute, you must post!

Definitely will, once the day's there!

I usually just say "winter solstice", BTW, but that term seems a little ironic for a Luna holiday. And "lunastice" doesn't quite have the same ring to it, not to mention that it's not technically correct anyway, neither linguistically nor astronomically. :)

I too was avoiding the term "solstice" when groping for words to name a holiday for our Princess of the Night.

Looking through my Luna-related pictures, I found this one, which was used on EqD for a German brony gathering a while back.

"Lunafest" is perhaps not the most creative title ever, and of course it's technically already used for something else, but it'd be a start. :)

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